Thursday, February 9, 2012

From Here to Eternity

Every year around this time I continue my quest to watch every movie that has won an Academy award.  Even though I had previously seen "From Here to Eternity" I decided to go back and re-watch it, due to the fact that I couldn't remember a lot of it. So does it hold up a second time?  Sure it's an ok movie.  The story is entertaining enough.  I think the problem is that so much time has passed since this movie came out. The only thing people remember from the film is the beach make out scene they show during all the old movie highlight reels. The epic music is soaring as the waves roll over Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr.  There in lies the problem the film reel happens to be more epic than the actual film.  Many people who haven't seen the movie may think it is a sprawling epic war movie, but in reality it is a story of a stubborn guy who just doesn't want to box in the armed forces anymore, while falling in love with a "classy escort".  At the same time his commanding officer falls in love with his captains wife. At the end you finally get to see a small part of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but for the most part it is a character drama with people who happen to be in the armed services.

The acting is good.  It always takes a little time getting used to watching acting from another time, but the characters are believable and likeable.  Frank Sinatra steals every scene he is in except for maybe the scenes where he encounters Ernest Borgnine, who would be consider the villain of the film.

So basically it is a good film, but if you are like me, lower your expectations a little before watching. The film just doesn't live up to the epic film reels.  Damn you Film montage people for raising my hopes too much once again.

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