Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Sitter

                 Have you ever wondered what Adventures in Babysitting would be like if rewritten into a raunchy rated R film?  No, well obviously someone did and this is what we are given. 
                The Sitter is about a loser 20 something guy (Jonah Hill) who gets stuck babysitting 3 kids on the night where he just might get some from his girlfriend.  Of course when faced with a choice between responsibility or sex he does what any guy would do; obviously, combine the two together and bring the kids along for the ride. 
                There are a few funny moments throughout the film, but for the most part I found it hard to be really enjoyable.  I think one of the biggest problems was every character was way over the top.  Instead of trying to make anyone believable, everyone acted as though they were in some PG kids film.  Problem with that is they are all in an R rated film.  So it begs the question who thought taking a kids film idea and turning it into an adult film would appeal to any audience?  This brings me to my next issue with the film.  I don’t have any children yet, but the entire time watching this I kept thinking, “Who in their right mind would do any of these things with kids?” I just felt uncomfortable the whole time. 
                It’s sad that this film had to follow up Jonah Hill’s great performance in Moneyball  but unfortunately it did.  Luckily, from what I have seen, I have hopes that his next film, 21 Jump Street will erase the bad taste this film left.  I would say the best comparison I can make is the uncomfortable feeling the Johnny Knoxville’s Special Olympics movie, The Ringer, gives you after watching it.  You should not, nor do you want to, laugh at mentally disabled people, just like you don’t want to laugh at extremely bad babysitting.  Fans of Jonah Hill’s dirtier movies like, Superbad, or if you are an adult fan of The Pacifier (that just feels weird typing it) and looking for the next “grown man who should not be with kids film,” might find some enjoyment out of this. 

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